Wednesday, 15 April 2015


 I decided we should go for a walk at Holly Hill today. We bought chips and eat them in the car first and then made our way round. Poppy took some books with her and did some writing and drawing as she went and then she took my camera and decided she was a 'Popographer' ~ that's a photographer called Poppy! She made me pose in one of her usual ways, although she cut my head off, and then she photographed everything from dead leaves to dog's bums. Afterwards we had a lolly, which also had to be photographed! 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Butterflies and Birds

Elisha suggested going to Earnley Butterfly Gardens so today we ventured down. Before we left we dropped Arthur round to Barney's so once Barney got home he could walk him, rather than Arthur being left on his own all afternoon. We got all the way to Chichester when it suddenly dawned on me that I might have left Barney's back door unlocked so we turned all the way back round to check. I had. It was wide open. Ooops! After securing the house we drove back to Chichester and finally made it in at 2pm. We went straight into the butterflies. It was roasting! Within a minute we were all starting to get a bit too hot and then Elisha started laughing hysterically at Poppy. Poppy was literally dripping with sweat, she looked like she'd just stepped out of the shower. Still, we weren't about to leave just yet, we wanted to hold butterflies. 
There were tons of butterflies this year, much more than usual but they all seemed to be dive bombing my head which meant that rather than holding them I just kept trying to hide from them. Elisha managed to catch one but Poppy was mostly as scared as me. 
We then found one laying on a table hardly moving, we could tell from its shallow breathing it was dying so we picked that one up and held that. Brave aren't we?! 
Poppy still freaked out when its legs started tickling her!

Feeling incredibly courageous I not only held the dying one, I also picked up one that had clearly been dead for a while and posed for a picture to prove that I was getting over my fears!
Elisha did some posing and then we made our way to the bird section. Poppy named one of the birds Jenson, he must have liked it because Jenson then came and sat on Elisha's arm.

After that he flew off but then came straight back towards us and landed on my shoulder and kept trying to peck my ear. I did not like it!

Poppy eventually got brave enough to hold Jenson, with her cardigan wrapped round her arm so he couldn't nibble on her.

Once Jenson got bored with us and went off to perch in peace we explored the gardens and then went outside for a play.

Elisha and I had a turn on the swings but our tummies kept flipping so we got off!

Back inside we found the same statues that have been on display for at least the last eight years and so Elisha did her usual pose with them and Poppy posed in place of Ruby who couldn't join us this time as she was at work.

After a quick look round the crusty old museum that had signs warning us of mice and evidence of their existence everywhere, we had one quick visit of the animals, declared the visit boring (apart from the butterflies and birds) and left, probably never to return again.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


I found myself with a child free afternoon and not much to do with it so I decided to go and visit Pete, as he's been in hospital for the last week or so I phoned Mum first to check he was still in QA which he was, and then made my way down. He was sat in the chair, looking well, happy, laughing and joking.  We started talking about weird food combinations that we like. I said I loved to eat ready salted crisps with a bit of Dairy Milk chocolate in between and Pete said he liked cheese and onion crisps dipped in custard!! (Definitely something for me to try). Mum commented that if she didn't know better she'd think Pete was my Dad as we're both as weird as each other. Pete then said he fancied a Magnum so Mum and I went to the shop to get him one. While there I got myself Dairy Milk and crisps and then insisted that Mum and Pete give them a try. Mum said they were ok, Pete liked them as much as me. He then asked for another crisp, stuck it in his Magnum and eat it that way, as if it were completely normal. Which it is.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Recorder Recital

Poppy's school put on a recorder recital this morning. I went along barely containing my excitement at listening to fifty 7 and 8 year olds blowing into their instruments. I was not disappointed. It was everything I hoped for and more. Loud, out of tune, lots of screeching of wrong notes and utterly beautiful! Poppy played perfectly throughout, of course!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Enticed By Cake

Darren had the day off work today and spent it making a cake for his friend's hen weekend. I went round to assist which basically meant watching and ogling the rather beautiful penis cake. He spent hours perfecting it, smoothing it and creating pubic hair and semen for his lucky friend to sample. I think he might be a keeper if this is what could be in store in the future!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ice Skating Queens

Prompted by something Darren said, Steph and I decided to give ice skating a try today. Neither of us have ever been before and both of us were scared stiff. We tentatively made our way on to the ice and spent the next 90 minutes holding on for dear life and not getting very far at all. We did a lot of swearing and screaming and eventually decided we just aren't cut out for ice skating and gave up, defeated.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

World Book Day

For World Book Day today Poppy decided to dress up as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. She chose a Harry Potter costume and just put a skirt under it unstead of trousers. She looked exactly like Hermione!
Once Poppy was at school I sorted out Ruby's car insurance. Although she passed her test 10 days we only just got round to doing the insurance but as soon as it was done, Ruby, joined by Elisha was off out for a drive. I followed her to the petrol station to show her how to fill up and then the pair of them went driving round Lee on Solent for the next three hours.