Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Lightbox Exhibitions

 Elisha, Poppy and I visited The Lightbox in Woking today. We found out about its existence accidentally over the weekend when Googling something else but its current exhibitions convinced us to pay a visit. We arrived to a hall of sculptures, I love sculptures the kids don't.
 We looked in the first gallery but none of us were too impressed with anything in there. Poppy mostly enjoyed looking at the prices of each piece and working out which was the most expensive in the room.
 We moved on to the upstairs gallery finding a sea of hands on the way up.

We arrived at one of the exhibitions we had  come to see ~ 'Bodies'. Poppy listened to the information about one of the artists and the collector
 before we went in to see the pieces. Some were not obvious body forms
 others were........Modern day art at its finest!
 But the pieces we'd really come to see were breathtaking. By the artist, Aleah Chapin they looked so life like and showed a much needed side to the older female generation ~ beauty and poise

 and the more serious mood.

Poppy came across a worksheet to attempt a body drawing herself and decided to try and recreate The Tempest

Poppy's Lady Boovs! The circles are quite distracting but I don't think she did too bad a job, especially the leg around the rock.
 We moved on to beautiful body sculptures

 and one of the few male forms which elicited an interesting comment from Poppy about how his willy was wrong as it was too long. Apparently her Daddy's doesn't look like that when he has a wee. Ooops!
 The Bodies exhibition ended with this stunning piece which again, presented us with questions from Poppy......"Why has that lady got poo on her foofoo?" When I told it wasn't poo, but hair which grows when a young lady grows boobies she looked horrified and couldn't get out of there quick enough.

 We went to the next gallery ~ the Quentin Blake exhibition. Unfortunately photographs aren't allowed in the exhibition so we had to make do with a few snaps of the work outside, inspired by Blake. Quentin Blake is the illustrator of many books by Roald Dahl, David Walliams and Michael Rosen to name but a few.

 The exhibition was really good, we especially liked the video showing how Quentin works on his illustrations and the part showing how he created the illustrations for Michael Rosen's 'Sad Book'.
Poppy created a Quentin Blake inspired illustration of her own

 and then we came home and did some art of our own; putting more paint on the walls.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Pre Decorating Decorating Session!

 Two and a half years ago we decided to decorate the lounge, kitchen/diner and utility/study. It's all one big open plan space so it's a huge job. We prepped all the walls, filling and sanding, and we put some white paint up in the lounge as a base coat and then I couldn't make my mind up about a colour. Over the months since we started I have bought endless amounts of tester pots and applied them to the walls ~ blue, green, beige, grey, orange and copper but we weren't happy with any of them. Our walls have looked like a very bad patchwork quilt. Today Elisha and I decided that as it's almost Christmas and we don't want a million and one colours showing up on our Christmas photographs, that we'd paint over all the test patches in white but we ended up painting almost all of the walls white, just so that our photos will look slightly better than they may have done with the patches and all the old colour from before we started back in the summer of 2013.
I have finally decided on a colour scheme for the rooms but we don't have the time or inclination to do it before Christmas so this year it's patchy white but hopefully by next Christmas it'll be decorated properly. On Saturday the Christmas decorations are going up.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Child Led Learning

 After almost six months of home educating Poppy we seem to have found our way to unschooling or child led learning. We don't use a curriculum and I don't sit Poppy down and teach her any set work but we do allow life to guide us and Poppy's learning more than I thought possible. We have long discussions about religions, because of the terror attacks in the world at the moment, and we visit churches, museums and galleries to open Poppy's world up and discover what she may or may not be interested in. Poppy loves history so we do lots of talking about events in history and lots of  library visits and Googling to satisfy her need to absorb anything she can from the past. Maths and English, we find come naturally in every day activities and she's managed to learn percentages without any major help from me.
She goes to swimming, drama, dance and singing groups and tomorrow she's going to be starting French after saying she wanted to learn a language.  In between all of that we just see what comes up and where it will take us. When Poppy has any free time she loves to go on Youtube. She watches cookery and baking videos as well as a variety of other different things but at the moment, for some reasons she's obsessed with make up and nail tutorials! Not quite what I had in mind for her but I'm just going with it and seeing where it leads her next. Today she came downstairs to show me what she'd done to her nails ~ French tips! From watching Youtube she'd learnt to put a plaster across most of her nail, leaving the tip exposed and then paint the tip in white. She was very proud of her handy work and they didn't look too bad for a first attempt.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Game of Twister

My sister Tay and my nieces and nephews, Katie, Thomas, Elliot and Mollie, as well as Katie's baby Robin, came to visit today. Robin wasn't quite sure what to make of us all and was a little tearful so Jake, who is amazing with kids (and all kids love), got on the floor with him, made bird sounds and tried to win him round. It worked, as long as Jake was quiet and kept his face hidden. As soon as he looked at Robin he cried again. Tay managed to get these gorgeous photos of Jake and Robin together.
The older kids, along with Poppy spent much of the time upstairs in Poppy's bedroom making videos to put on Youtube. Thomas said Poppy was bossy when making videos ~ I explained it was the director's job! When the filming was finished they came down armed with Twister and had a game which they all lost pretty much straight away as they either sat or laid on the mat to reach their required coloured circles.

Meanwhile, Robin cheered up when I gave him the globe to play with. Apparently it makes for quite a tasty snack.
 He also cheered up lots when Tay made silly faces and noises at him. I've decided that it's time I was a grandparent but unfortunately, when I asked my kids to give me a grandchild, they all said no!